February 2012 02.10.12 - 03.03.12   Art Spirit Gallery (Coeur d' Allene,Idaho) "CDA pedestrian series

February 2012 02.02.12 - 04.31.12  Lisk Gallery (Boise, Idaho) "Tatshenshini River Series". Images from Mark's favorite Canadian and Alaskan River Trip. From Dalton Post in the Yucon Territory to Dry Bay Alaska.

March 2011 03.03.11 - 04.31.11  Lisk Gallery (Boise, Idaho) "Redfish Pedestrian Series". A favorite and more illustrative series produced by Jerri Lisk. This is the second or the pedestrian series.

January 2011 01.06.11 - 01.31.11  Patricia Rovzar Gallery (Seattle, Washington),Annual Solo Show.

December - 2010 12.02.10 - 01.03.11  Patricia Rovzar Gallery (Seattle, Washington),Annual Group Show.

December - 2010 12.02.10 - 01.03.11  Art Spirit Gallery (Coeur d' Allene,Idaho) 12th Annual Small Works Show.

September - 2010 09.01.10 - 10.31.10 A new series of panoramic images emphasizing the recurrent character of the natural landscape. This new series of panoramic images draws attention to the areas federally protected and areas considered for protection in his home state of Idaho. 

July - 2010 06.01.10 - 07.31.10
Jerri Lisk - Annual 50 series show at the Lisk Gallery. This is Jerri's 9th show featuring 50 4x5 inch original acrylics on aluminum.

May - 2010 05.13.10 - 06.10.10
Jerri Lisk - is exhibiting at the Calvin Charles Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona. "Between Two Canyons" new work from her travels from the Owyhee Canyonlands (in her home state) to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.

March - 2010 03.01.10 - 05.01.10
Mark Lisk - 75 Black and White photographs from a recent     collection, “Portrait of the West”, at the Lisk Gallery. This exhibit mixes the impassioned landscape you have come to know in Marks work with the unique complexion of the America Cowboy.                                                                                 

January - 2010 01.07.10 - 02.01.10
Jerri Lisk - is exhibiting at the Patricia Rovzar Gallery in downtown Seattle, for her annual solo show. Acrylic on Aluminum.