Books by Mark William Lisk

VOID: 12x12 100 pages, black and white self published.

A stunning look at the shapes and patterns that dominate the waterless landscape of the North American Desert. There are five great North American deserts falling within the borders of the United States and Mexico. The Colorado Plateau, Chihuahuan, Sonoran, Mojave, and Great Basin. All exhibit their own strong and unique composition, each created by water and each accentuated by the lack of it.

Owyhee Canyonlands Hardbound, 10x10, 124 pages, 120 full color photographs of one of Americas newest wilderness areas. $27.95 
The Owyhee region of southwest Idaho, eastern Oregon and northern Nevada is one of the truly unique areas in the continental United States. The largely-uninhabited high desert is geographically larger than the combined area of several Eastern states. 

Desert Water-Hardbound, 9.75x13.25, 128 pages, 100 full color photographs of the five North American deserts. $29.95
When we think of the desert, we almost never associate it with water. Rather we define it by the very absence of water. Yet the desert was carved by water—canyons, arroyos, ravines, chasms, washes—and water, in any amount, is the desert’s most precious and mysterious commodity.   

Idaho Portrait of a State-Hardbound, 9..75x9.75, 112 pages, 100 full color photographs, $14.95

--> Portrait of a State features more than one hundred exquisite photographs that capture its rugged and unspoiled splendor, from the wide-open sagebrush plains of the Snake River in southern Idaho, to the serrated peaks of central Idaho, to the emerald green forests of the northern panhandle

Salmon River Country-Hardbound,10x10, 124 pages, over 100 full color photographs, $27.95 

Much of Salmon River Country is as primitive as it was 200 years ago when Lewis and Clark explored the river’s headwaters and concluded there had to be an easier route to the Pacific Ocean. Today, however, the “River of No Return” draws visitors from all over the world.


Idaho Impression-Hardbound 9.75x13.25,128 pages, 110 full color photographs. Forward by former Governor, and Secretary of the Interior, Cecil Andrus.
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