Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Juniper Ridge-Honeycombs

Its not to late to visit the trails into the Owyhee Canyonlands. In fact with the cool overnight temperatures and the highs being in the high 70's to low 80's, right now is the perfect time. Last weekend I took advantage of the weather and dropped into the Honeycombs, a short canyon that drops into the Owyhee Reservoir from a rugged outcroppings of  colorful ash formations.

Juniper Ridge Camp at the top of  the Honeycombs

 Normally this is an easy one day out and one day back round trip but with heavy camera equipment and having to carry water I opted to have freinds drop me off at the trail head and then pick me up by boat on the Reservoir at Bensley Flat two days latter. 
Two miles in from the trail head is a nice camp on Juniper Ridge with stunning views of the Owyhee Desert and the craggy Honeycomb canyon below.

In mid canyon there are several overhangs that provide shade to hikers. This is a good spot to make camp to explore and photograph the canyons unique ash formations.

Mid-Canyon Camp

Looking down canyon from Mid-Canyon Camp

View from mid-canyon up to Juniper Ridge.

From mid canyon it is a short 1.5 mile walk to the Reservoir.  There are many good options for camping with a ton of cottonwood trees for shade. I choose a different option and traveled out via boat.

Low Water on Owyhee Reservoir at Bensley Flat.

This hike: Juniper Ridge-Honeycombs (hike 27), from our latest guide, "The Owyhee Canyonlands, an outdoor adventure"

 By Steve Stuebner an Mark Lisk

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Gallery in My Old Space

Many of you my remember my old studio space at 518 Americana. In this was the space I started my photography career in 1987. A long time ago. Now I am coming full circle and moving back into the building with 18 other talented artists. Gallery Five 18

An ensemble of nineteen artists for an opening exhibit at our new Gallery in Boise. Gallery Five18 features a large exhibition space, an outdoor sculpture area, and a beer and wine bar. This is no ordinary gallery, owned by a single proprietor with contracts with individual artists. Gallery Five18 is a collaborative of several well know Idaho artists, including long time downtown gallery owners, painter Jerri Lisk and photographer Mark Lisk.