Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Touched by the clouds

It is rare in August that so many thunders storms move through the Stanley Basin. This month has been exceptional, one after the other unforgettable columns of atmosphere towering into the sky. Massive clouds dance over the peaks of the Sawtooth Range and fill your spirit. A dance of serenity rolling through a storyline that can never to be repeated. 

Moon Rise in the Stanley Basin
The Stanley Basin is a thread of Beauty. A place to watch clouds, touch river and streams, and to capture moments of time in a photograph.This place constantly amazes me. The Basin is surrounded by the White Cloud, the Boulder and Sawtooth Mountain Ranges, and many of the spectacular peaks are over 10,000 feet.

Sunset on Valley Creek in the Stanley Basin

Calkins Peak in the White Cloud Range
The White Clouds were given their name by early settlers because many of these skyward soaring pale peaks seem to blend together with the clouds above, making it hard to tell where mountains stop and clouds begin.